Schedule Automatic Reports

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 Schedule Automatic Reports

You can schedule reports in WiredContact to run during at preset times and then email those reports to users so they have them when they first come arrive in the morning.
If you want the reports to go to external parties you will need to set them up as a user in the system and disable them from logging in to avoid using a license.

To schedule a report, use the reports wizard to created the report you want, then go to the Library icon on the left tool bar and select your "Personal Library" where you can see the folder "My Report templates" 
The Clock symbol seen below with a green border when selected will reveal all reports that were prepared with the Report Wizard which can be automated.
The Magnifying glass on the left with an orange border is where you open the individual panel to automate this report.
Open the report and slide to the bottom where you will see the clock symbol next to the name of the report shown here in green
Now fill in the details as shown below to determine when the report will run, who will receive it and the way they receive it in their email.

Now you have a scheduled email - that you can use to send your scheduled report.




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