Date Break out

Summary - 
Enter 28/04/2014 into a date field - behind the scenes WiredContact automatically breaks the date into the core elements

Now apply this to your sector, are you involved in renewals, site visits, service issues, regular maintenance or other important dates ? All departments can have their own views of the record.
A series of timely reminders could save on missed opportunities, appointments and revenue
  • "Dear Roger
    Your xxxxx is due on Monday the 28th of April which is only 21 days from now."
  • "Dear Roger
    Your xxxxx is due on Monday the 28th of April which is only 14 days from now."
  • "Dear Roger
    Your xxxxxxis due on Monday the 28th of April which is only 7 days from now."
  • "Dear Roger
    Only last week on Monday the 28th of April we xxxxx - how did we do?."
With a little creativity you can schedule emails or text messages to go out so many days in advance or after the event date to remind them, thank them or just to keep the Client informed.
WiredContact could also update the date field so it's ready for the next time the event is due, of course the history is also updated and once the action you desire has been completed so the automation stops.
When used in association with "Triggers" this helps to ensure every stage of a process is complete before the process can end.
Ideal solution for anyone
  • Who has appointments that are sometimes not kept
  • Who may have multiple items that are needed before an engagement can proceed
    • Chase up missing items
    • Reminder that details need to be resubmitted
    • Automatically thanks a Client once an action has been completed.
  • Who manages renewals or maintenance
Clients can update their details and trigger events from the self service portal that come as part of WiredContact