SMS Messages from WiredContact


Achieved through your browser by simply clicking on the mobile phone number of the contact record, this opens a panel and you write the text you want to send.

Templates can be created and sent to an entire lookup in much the same way you would send a mass email or a mailshot.

Example of how to use SMS Text Messages

  • Confirm Appointments and Deliveries
  • Premium rate information services - send 91065 to XXXXX.XXXXXX to enter the competition calls charged at £ whatever per message you will need to comply with regulations from PhonePayPlus
  • Premium rate information services - send the part Number or invoice number to XXXXX.XXXXXX and we send back the stock availability - calls charged at £ whatever per message you decide.
  • Confirm an appointment by pulling the day, the date, the Regarding and the time from the activity table.
  • Text a lookup of prospect with a special offer using Call me now "+442080993032" in the message
  • Simple to use with online ordering of credits as needed. You pay for the time it takes to set this up and for any training and then your traffic at competitive rates.

    Bespoke solutions achieved in days.