WiredContact on your IPhone

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To reflect the growing popularity of the Iphone the team at WiredContact have reworked the layouts and features of the Version made Mobile Phones, remember you can get this for FREE anyway if you host with us.

Features include
  • Dial Contact from the Contact screen or from the lookup Screen
  • Mailmerge to a lookup on headed stationary
  • Read the History
  • Create new notes
  • Twitter from the App
  • See your Task list
  • Rotate in any view
  • Double tap to see the screen shrink or enlarge
  • Calendar View
  • Create new Contacts
  • Previous lookups on one tap
  • More to follow
How do you gain access to this ?
Self Hosted

If you are hosting WiredContact on your server then make sure you are on the latest build and login into you server with administrative access, then install the PocketPC version available from the downloads section of our website, configure it to point at the same datbase and setup permissions to the Wiredeppc directory, create a new instance of IIS pointing to this new installation. Once installed simply replace the HTML with the files we will provide, all you have to do is email support@wiredcontact.co.uk and we will send you a zip file with the new pages.

Setup your backups, manage user permissions so that only those you want have access are allowed with the correct permissions swhich could be different to the Desktop permissions. Open your Firewall to allow access.

Hosted By WiredContact
Simply ask us and we will do it all for you ;-)

We will be placing screen shots on the website here shortly http://www.wiredcontact.co.uk/products_wce_mobile_enterprise.htm