Auto Opt in and Out from emails

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Opt In/Out for Email

If you want this done for you please ask by sending an email to
When sending bulk email, you may need a mechanism to allow the email recipient to update one field on their record in the database. You would use this to allow a recipient to "Unsubscribe" or "Opt Out" of an email campaign. Or allow the recipient to easily specify a desire to participate in some program. The mechanism should only require one click, and the recipient would be shown a page that simply shows that their request was successful.
The Opt In/Out function allows you to specify up to five fields that would be used to offer the functionality specified above. You select the five fields from the Admin...Site Settings...Table Defaults...wce_contact page (though you have the ability to apply this functionality to other tables, a site would rarely be setup that allows email to other tables).
You also need to setup the external URL for your WiredContact site in the Admin...Site Settings...Misc Settings...Path/File Settings...Default Site External URL field so the URL can be constructed properly.
Once one or more fields have been selected for the Opt In/Out function, you would update an email html template (in the htmltemplates folder) to include the Opt In/Out link. Here is an example tag:

<#optout text="Click to Unsubscribe" value=N>
This would produce a link back to your WiredContact site that would update the recipients Email Opt In/Out Field to "N".
The raw URL would look like:

<a href="http://[url]/wceweb.dll?function=optinout&eid=3DthfE9aTjg9ac&value=X" target=optinout>Click to Unsubscribe</a>
You can use this URL anywhere to produce the same results, replacing the &eid=[value] with &eid=<#field field=uniqueid>, which would add the uniqueid of the contact that you were sending to.
Parameter List for <#optout>:

  • Value=[value] - where [value] is the value you want to update the field with.
  • Text=[value] - where [value] is the what to show in the link. You may use an <IMG... tag here.
  • Page=[value] - where [value] is the template in the root WiredContact folder that is displayed when the link is clicked.
  • Field=[value] - where [value] is an integer between 1 and 5. Field 1 corresponds to the 1st OptInOut field, Field 5 corresponds to the 5th one. In the raw URL, the field parameter is shown as "&x=3" for example.
Notes about the template landing page:
The default template is EmailOptInOut.html. You will need to customize this template to give the recipient a satisfying landing page. You may change the appearance of the template based on the value that you set the field to with the <#message sections. Each section has a beginning tag (<#message) and an ending tag (<#/message). The value that you set the field to immediately follows the word "message" in both the beginning and ending tags. For example, if you set the value of the field to "Yes" - then your <#message section would look like:
Message text here...

The only message that will show will be the section that matches the field value in the url that was clicked on.

Using this with "Teams" and "Profiles" can meana record then becomes unavailable to users until it's been checked or could totally disapear from the users vuew but stay in the database so you do not re-import the record at a later date