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Automatically follow up and engage with your contacts and Clients

Automating any process can deliver outstanding results for your team, sending the wrong emails can also have an impact.
We encourage you to engage with us before creating any automated campaigns, the screen below sets out how you may want to plan your campaigns and share them with your team confident in the knowledge your system will support you.
Are you on the latest version? This is available to all Clients running on the latest build.
You need a knowledge of SQL and access to the administration area then go to Admin | Site Notifications | New where you can set up each campaign.
For every Campaign you will need a condition that starts the campaign, an action that happens as a result of the condition and another condition to stop or pause the campaign before the next step or action is taken.
In the examples below we describe the steps for three actual campaigns
Campaigns in WiredContact are set to "Trigger" at set intervals subject to certain conditions being met fully
The 6 hour jobs will always go at 4am, 10am, 6pm or 10pm.
The 12 hour jobs go at 7am and 7pm.
3 hour jobs start at 2am and then go every 3 hours
Per Cycle will check for permission to run every few minutes ideal to automatically respond to alterations.
  Conditions required and benefits Your description of what happens should be written out
General Prospecting Email
Campaign Name Daily Prospect1
When Runs hourly
What For Is an initial email to ensure all contacts who are not opted out are engaged.
Conditions required to run are the record must not be on hold and the "email Campaign next step" must be blank.

Next iteration checks same as above and selects the first 300 records then checks to see the next month is the correct next month and then sends the following email in the series. 
Benefit We only have to write one email template per month knowing it will be sent to all qualifying records without further intervention on our part every day.
Select 300 emails at a time having checked the record is not on hold and the email field contains the @ symbol and check at which stage the record is in the process before sending the next email in the campaign. 
If you have other records who should not receive the emails you can use additional conditions that would cause records to be omitted such as and not id/status contains "Client"

Cold Prospects is a series of X emails sent over X days or Months
Campaign Name Cold Prospect1"
When runs every 1 hour
What For To re-engage with previous enquiries where they have not gone onto the next stage and have not opted out and have not been spoken with in the last 90 days.
Conditions required to run are the record must not be on hold and the "email Campaign next step" must be blank.
ID/Status must =Prospect
Campaign Field =Beatles
Createtime= or < 2000 days and not newer than 90 days

1st Email in the series = 
Find the contact records that match the criteria that you determine; check which Campaign they are in which may require a campaign field in addition to other criteria such as are they on hold from the Golf campaigns but OK to receive the Vacation campaign newsletters and if they have been untouched for a set period of time then 
Send pre-written email1
Set the email campaign next step field to indicate this step in the campaign was completed and update the history.
Cold Prospects
Campaign Name Cold Prospect2"
When runs every 1 day to check if conditions are met.
What For To follow up on a series of emails that are going to keep your brand in front of the prospect until they are ready to proceed.
Condition required to run = must not be on hold and the next step must be blank.
ID/Status must =Prospect
Campaign Field =Beatles
Createtime= or < 2000 days and not newer than 90 days
Check that 5 days have passed since the previous email1 was sent
Checks next step is 2 
Then sends the next prewritten email in the series                                                                                        


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