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Over time your email addresses will become stale for a variety of reasons, the end result is your delivery rates will decline and the returns you achieve on the data will decline.
Reasons could include
  • Invalid MX record such as they users email has altered for example may have changed to or simple
    • Either way you will receive a bounce message.
  • Invalid DNS record perhaps the company have ceased trading or changed their domain name from to 
    • Either way you will receive a bounce message.
There are other scenarios that can reduce your email marketing results but the solution is not expensive.
We can offer cleaning at £30 per 1,000 with a one off setup charge of £60 if you do not already have a mechanism to identify suppressed records - ideally this is a field called Hold with a default blank and would contain a Y if the record was either opted out of receiving emails from your company or was found to be an incorrect email record.
Additional ways to increase email delivery include providing us with a dedicated SMTP email server for your domain with an account that is setup to relay from your WiredContact subdomain. We will direct your email through your email server at no additional cost.
Your data can also be analysed to identify which sector your top 20% of Clients come from and we can provide additional emails for other potential clients in the same sectors or at the same company.
Please call for a discussion on a way forward if this is of interest.
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