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Estate Agency
Your Client receives the terms and conditions email with a link to the portal containing their login details.
The screens alter based upon the type of instruction i.e. Buying or Selling. Missing information can be automatically chased up, alterations to the record can automatically be emailed to any parties and your Clients are always kept well infomed.
The portal would be set within your own website to your branding.
Fields can be linked to external systems such as the Post office address file to ensure accurate addresses
If Missing items could delay your process then polite chase up emails can automatically be sent, some fields can be marked as read only and you can be notified when an alteration is made.
Fee agreements, accounts and other essential documents are stored centrally to ensure rapid decision making.
workflow can be implemented to ensure you do not start a dependant task until primary task is completed for example - Is Proof of residency confirmed ? If yes allow the property to be marketed, if not send polite email chase 7 days after the record was approved for polite chasing.
The same database also handles engagement from the buyers at an early stage from your website. enquires come into your database whilst you and your elected team also receive details of the enquiry in real-time.
Buyers Portal
Again fully customisable to your precise needs, the portal enables enquiries to be captured 24 x 7 with your team being notified in real-time. You can set in place rules for when matches occur between "Buying and Selling records" 
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