Automatic Emails

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Background detail
Within your database you have profiled your Clients and Prospects. ideally you know what they have and what they may be interested in. 
The Notification Service
Runs at intervals you set and triggers a Query to find data that matches your requirements such as
Find prospects I have not spoken with in more than 90 days and email them X times with special offers.
Find anyone with a renewal due in the next (you set the time period) and remind them of the benefits of renewing
When we change the status of a record send them a link to a Survey
You can have as many of these running as you want, they can all use an email template you have already setup and tested.
The result of something so simple could mean you make more sales or deliver a higher service, either way it's a winner.
This is available or all Customers on annual maintenance with a build later than August 2014
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