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Maintenance & Support Policy

We continuously provide updates to WiredContact throughout the year to include enhancements as they come online. 

The frequent software updates give you access to new features as well as address issues as they arise. The Maintenance Program also covers browser updates and other operating system components that we need to keep current.

To review all the technical updates, visit the Change Log & Release notes.

Free email technical support is provided for troubleshooting built-in functionality. For customers current on their maintenance program, prompt assistance is available at Our support queue is manned by all WiredContact employees with extensive experience with the software.

Maintenance and support is included in your first year. To continue receiving updates, there is a small renewal fee of £25.00 per named user and £50.00 per concurrent user.

If your site has had extensive customisation there may be a modest charge to deploy the updates.

This is a fraction of the cost compared to most other software companies who generally require hefty upgrade fees for updates.


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