Importing a CSV file

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  1. Prepare your csv file without any formatting such as Bold, underlines and formula
  2. Save your list on your local PC
  3. Go to your "My Record" where you will see the Mauve padlock
  4. Select "import text data"

    Now select your local file - unlike importing an Excel spreadsheet CSV files can be imported from your desktop or local network.

In the example above we have elected not to import an entry if it is a duplicate and then we tick the boxes that we feel would describe a duplicate, you can 
choose more than one field such as website and postcode

In the above example we are also updating a field with a value so that we can identify (not simply skip) and duplicated entries.

You can also scroll down and update another field such as source so that you can identify where and perhaps when the list was added in case you need
to edit it or remove it at a later stage.

You can import into any field and any table within your database such as stock items, barcodes and even update specific prices if the barcode matches what you are importing.

A user guide is located at

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