ICS Offset hours

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ICS Offset hours

You use the Activities within WiredContact and schedule activities for people either in other time zones or perhaps the clocks in your region have gone back or forwards and there is a discrepancy.

Open WiredContact Admin | Site Settings | Custom Settings and add a new entry

ics offset

You can set it to +/- numbers

Dates appear to change to previous day

If you save a date and it then alters to the previous day then check the field settings in Admin | Site Settings | wce_tablename | field name 

If you have it set to Date-Time then the default will be dd/mm/yyyy 00:00 if you use the time offset it will alter the time by the amount of the offset and thereby alter the date. This is working as designed. 

Set the field to Date and not DateTime will give the required results. 

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