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To use this you will need to have in place WiredContact Enterprise running a build later than March 2012.

You will need Sage 50 Accounts Plus or higher.

Here you can see a link to the Sage Integration on Youtube The actual deployment is going to be bespoke to what you require, this images seen on the video below will be different to your installation.

Tables need to be created within WiredContact to capture a reflection of your products and services as setup in Sage, the layouts will be created to support your invoice requirements such as Service or Product Invoices.

A non intrusive testing process will be carried our with your Accounts team who will then be able to receive invoices that are prepared from WiredContact, it is up to each Client to determine if they want the status of invoices to be available within WiredContact and different levels of access can be agreed for each user or department.

Time taken to implement this is billable and we recommend a support agreement is in place for the Sage element.

The creation of invoices within WiredContact usually results in higher levels of billing so any cost is quickly recovered.

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