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Types of License
Assigned against a specific user, If the user leaves your team simply assign the key to another user.

Not assigned to a specific user but available to a pool of users, this lowers to cost of purchasing licences with a larger installation and provides flexibility to smaller installations. The "types" of Licences can be mixed so Administrators and Managers always have access whilst remotes sales teams may only need periodic access and may therefore have use of Concurrent licences.

Flexible named and concurrent Licenses that can be mixed across teams or groups of workers as needed.

You are a manager and will only require occasional access, this is true of three people at your location/Team/Company one Concurrent license assigned to your user names will ensure that UPTO ONE of you will be able to log in at any time, should one of the others try and login they will receive a message (that you can edit) explaining the licences are in use at this time please try later.

You have three people on Sales, Marketing and Administration who all must have access at all times, for this people you buy three named Licences and assign the word Named under licence type against each of these users names.

If another person tries to log in using the named licence that is already in use at that time for example two people try to log in as Mary Jones the the first person to have loged in will be booted out as the second person logs in.

You can re-assign licence types to different people as needed.

You can restrict people to specific record types for example John is in Sales and MUST NOT see Status=Clients Perhaps john is also linked to a very basic contact layout so he can only see basic contact details, once he has made contact and updates the record status to Prospect then the record could become read only to him and only then visible to the next person in the chain.

Using this methodology to enforce workflow can improve margins and best practice and will ensure the managers are only presented with live cases and your best sales person only sees warm prospects.

The latest prices are here http://wiredcontact.co.uk/cost-of-cloud-based-CRM-and-hosted-CRM-systems.html you will pay the price on the day of payment.

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