How to customise reports or layouts - Non Technical Version

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In order to be able to edit reports or layouts you do not need server access, simply make sure you have access to the "Admin" option in the bottom left hand corner and have the password to gain access.

This Background knowledge will help you

You may need this paragraph later so you can add fields. Your fields are defined in the relevant table such as wce_contact for your contacts and wce_activities for your tasks and diary items. You can can add or rename fields from within the "Admin" area then "Site Settings" then select the table you are interested in. You will need to know the exact name if you want to add a field to a report or layout. For more detail on adding fields see

To edit a report or layout
Go to "Site Settings" then "Trouble shooting", then select "Templates" this will open a panel with you files and folders - you want the reports folder which is on the left hand side.

Under the Reports folder you will see 4 or more other folders depending upon previous customisations such as Contact, Activity, History and Sales.

Go into the folder you are interested in where you will see the reports you require. Click on the report to open it, in the very bottom left hand corner you will see a Blue E select the blue E you now have the ability to edit the report (or layout) you are interested in, the smart thing to do is to make a copy straight away so that if you make a mistake you can paste it back in. Making frequent timed copies lets you step back 15 minutes and not to lose an hours work. 

If you create a new name for the report it may be available from the drop down list of reports. If however you are using static reports it will mean the new report will not be accessible from the static reports menu until it is added to this menu.

You will be able to select it from the reports drop down using the new name and then once you are happy you can give it the original name thereby overwriting the original version.

To save as a new name having opened the document with the blue E in the bottom left hand corner you will see the path to the document and the document name, giving it a new name will give you a copy leaving your original document in place.

Trial and error gets most people what they want in a few minutes, if you are really non technical and you want a hand please email with a description of what you want to achieve including the full name of the report you want to change. One subject per support request will get you to the top of the list much quicker.

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