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Company View

By Default all new installations have a section on the navbar.html that is currently hidden, you can edit this through Admin Site Settings troubleshooting.

Look for this entry and remove the last --> to enable the feature

<!--     <td class=tab13><x#Collection title="Company" table=wce_contact savelookup=n savelookuphistory=n lowerframe=y field=companyid operator=equals value="<#field field=companyid format=urlencode>" frame="parent.frame_information" ></td>-->

Once you are happy with the facility you may want to be able to select any other field from the wce_contact table to do this open Collection_contact.html and look arounf line 45 for the text below and add in the text shown in Red AFTER THE </TR>

<td><#COLUMNSELECT title="Change Fields" image="images/lookup_column.gif" border=0 align="absmiddle" name="lcf" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('lcf','','images/lookup_column_over.gif',1)" onMouseDown="MM_swapImage('lcf','','images/lookup_column_down.gif',1)"></td>


This technique can be applied to any field in the database with outstanding results.

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