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You want to calculate value between fields in WCE, we have a variety of examples, based upon previous requests, an example of the math behind a customised newsale.html is included below.

The <#Calculate...> tag will display a calculation. The calculation is done when the page is built, so if you need to calculate something after the page has been displayed, use <#adminhelp file=JavaScript.html label=JavaScript> or <#adminhelp file=AjaxCalcf.html Label="AjaxCalcf">.

Primary Parameters

  • value="[calculation]" - where the calculation can be defined numerically. For example:
    You can use other WiredContact tags, like the <#adminhelp file=FieldTag.html label="<#Field...>"> tag or <#adminhelp file=ParamsTag.html label="<#Params...>"> tag to define your calculation. For example:
    <#calculate value="<#date format=number> - <#field field=createtime format=number>" mask=#>
    will show how many days since the record was created, with no decimals.
  • Mask=["#,##0.0'] - specify the mask to use to display the value. Alternately, if the results should be displayed as a specific format, use "date", "datetime", "currency".
  • ZeroMask=["0"] - specify the mask to use if the results are zero, and the format to use when zero is different.
  • Show="[<#adminhelp file=BooleanPhrase.html label="boolean phrase">]" - if the boolean phrase is true, the <#calculate...> tags results are shown. Use this parameter to suppress/hide the results under specific circumstances.
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