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You are using the Innova Editor and want to create a hyperlink so that when your email is received a person can simply click on a link to go to the document or website you wanted them to have access to

Within the Tool bar below you you will see what looks like three links of a chain


When writing your email you need only highlight the text you want to create a hyperlink on and then click on the links above you will be asked to complete a URL where you want to take the person who clicks and if you want the new page to take over the current page the reader is on.

Target = blank will give you a new page.

The <> symbols will show you the code in case you want to edit a template in more detail such as add a line break to make a paragraph go down one line simply enter <br>

Spell Checking integration
InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor can be easily integrated with ieSpell from: www.iespell.com (Requires IE browser).

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