Customising Layouts in WiredContact without Server Access

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Go to the Admin Link on the bottom left hand corner. If you cannot see the Admin Link call whoever is hosting your database or email us.

Having Selected the Admin Link choose Site Settings then Trouble Shooting then Templates

Select the template you want to edit from the list and slide to the bottom where you will see the round blue E symbol

To help you understand the layout of the WiredContact Screen the top part where you see the contact details is called by default contact.html the various tabs at the bottom are called by the name you see on the tab such as status.html what makes them appear on the screen in a set position is navbar.html (Navigation bar) there is nothing to stop you adding as many layouts as you need for groups of people such as internal and external staff, each layout could use a seperate navbar.html this could mean that external staff may not see the credit card facility or perhaps they cannot access email and letter templates.

We suggest you save your file as another name whilst working on it or copy it into memory (notepad on your local machine works as well)

You can add fields to any table from Admin Site Settings then select the table name and open up the screen full size. Remember to add a field size that is large enough and selct the correct field type. You do not need to select a size if it's a date field.

Don't worry about learning HTML there are enough example of fields on the various templates so simply cut and paste, in the example below the top line is the label of the field you want to have on the layout and Options=L means the label will have a hyper link (blue) on it, this will let you search all records that have the same field value.

The second line is the size and type of field replace Big with small and see what happens, options=BEA sets the criteria for the field, if your staff cannot spell that well you may not want what they type to be added to the drop down list of cities ;-)

<tr><td class=ContactBoldText><#LABEL Field=CITY options=l></td>
<td class=ContactBoldText><#INPUT class=ContactbigTextField Field=CITY options=bea></td></tr>

Use Capilatised naming convetion and underscores if more than one word, also keep the names short otherwise your layout will potentially be a mess.

Remember you add new fields to your database through Admin | Site Settings | wce_contact (or other table and add them in there) be sure to give them the correct attributes such as Varchar character = 60 or what ever you need

If you need a hand email

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