Identifying and removing Duplicates

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Why do we get duplicate entries?
Often this is a training issue where a user has not checked the contact record already exists within the database before creating a new contact.
DupCheck Tag 
When a contact is loaded on screen the system can check based on criteria you determine to see if another record is in the system that matches the criteria you set.
So which record is a duplicate?
Bill Smith London EC14 1WW status = Prospect
Mr B Smith London 
EC14 1WW status = Prospect
William Smith London EC14 1WW status = Client

We need you to tell us what you would consider as a potential duplicate, once this has been determined we will have duplicated notified to you when the record is loaded on screen so that you can make a choice per record to...
  1. Merge and retain the original with the other record at which point you will be presented with a list of each contact entry so you can determine which fields overwrite the other record. Notes History and activities are also merged.
  2. Merge and delete one of the records
To implement this allow say 30 minutes per site, you can do it using the instructions below or we can do this for you.
More details..
Allows for automated duplicate checking when on an Entity (Contact). Duplicate checking occurs when the user leaves a field specified as a field to use for duplicate checking. You can manually specify to run a duplicate check by using JavaScript and
the dupcheck() function. When a duplicate is detected, a message area becomes visible that shows the duplicates, and allows the user to: 
  • click to perform a Lookup of all duplicates
  • click to delete the current record and merge with a duplicate record
  • click to keep the current record and merge and delete a duplicate record
When a merge is performed, only the subentity items (notes, history, activities) are merged. No field information is merged from one entity to another although you can elect to move individual fields from one record to another manually. We could not decide which phone number was correct for you could we.
Primary Parameters   
field=[field name] - specify which field(s) to use for duplicate checking. Duplicate checking is not case sensitive. Field values have to match before a duplicate is triggered.
  • CheckBlanks - Use blank values when checking for duplicates. If this parameter is not used, and the field is blank, and MatchAll is not specified, the field will not be used in the duplicate check.
  • MatchAll - all fields specified must match before a duplicate is found. If CheckBlanks is not being used and any field value is blank, a duplicate will not be found.
  • MatchAll and CheckBlanks should not be used together
  • AnyMatch - use this parameter if you want any field to match instead of all fields.
  • OnUpdate - use this parameter if you want to check for duplicates on existing records as well as new records. If this parameter is omitted, only new records are checked. A record is no longer new once you navigate away from the record.
The <#DupCheck tag should be placed in the <Head> section of your template. The message area is specified by using the <#DupShow> tag. Place the <#DupShow tag where you want the duplicate message area to show. You may use the style="parameters" parameter to change the attributes of the Duplicate Message Area.
If you want to change the way the Duplicate Message Area text/data is displayed, edit the SupportTemplates\Dup_[table name].html template. The text shown in the <#detail section is shown for each duplicate found. The following special tags are used in the Duplicate Message Area:
  • <#DupField#> where "#" is the position of the field specified in the <#DupCheck field=[field name] parameter. The value of the field in the duplicate record is displayed. For example: "<#DupField1> <#DupField2>" would show the values in the first and second Fields specified in the <#DupCheck tag for the duplicate found.
  • This goes into the header below <title> <#dupcheck onupdate field=contact field=company>
  • This goes into the body where you want the indication to show when a duplicate is found
    <td class=ContactBoldText colspan=2><#DupShow></td></tr>
  • <#merge label="Merge"> - Show the Merge link
  • <#keep label="Keep"> - Show the Keep link
You may also use the Standard tags, as well as <#Field...> tags.
To run the dupcheck() function when the page loads, add it to the <Body... onload() JavaScript function.




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