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Site Custom Settings
This is not something you should change if you are on a hosted server as some settings will not apply to your installation alone but will apply to multiple users.

A hosted Client will reside on a server with multiple companies and we may be providing the mail server facility, do not make changes to the mailserver settings as these are not unique to your installation. If you want to have your email sent via your own mailserver then let us know and we will show you where you need to enter the details. It is not in Admin Site Settings.
Use Custom Site Settings to set special site settings that don't apply to most sites. Custom settings are set via Label/Data pairs. Both Label and Data values must be set for the Custom Setting to save. The "label" is the name of the parameter. The "data" is the value of the parameter. The following label and their explanations apply to Site custom settings:

Label Data

SMTP Server Override the server SMTP Server setting.

SMTP UserID Override the server SMTP setting.

SMTP Password Override the server SMTP setting.

SMTP Port Override the server SMTP setting.

suppressajaxerrors Suppress the popup JavaScript ajax errors. Some sites may have security issues which make the Ajax reply unreliable. If this is the reason for getting Ajax errors that popup when leaving a field, setting this value to yes will stop those errors.

concurrent_license_max Maximum number of concurrent users logged in at one time since this value was reset.

concurrent_license_max_error Number of times a user was not able to login because too many concurrent users were logged in since this value was reset.

timestampfontcolor Set the font color for the timestamp above. For example: #EFEEEA

timestampfontcolor Set the font color for the timestamp above. For example: #EFEEEA

remote admin library A value of "yes" enables a remote admin (Admin...Site Settings...Admin Security Settings) the ability to use the Library when not logged into the app to move files around.

pad_zeros_[field name] Import Setting: Most useful for importing postal code data from an application that will not show the leading zeros in a postal (zip) code. For example, if the postal code is 00127, MS Excel may only show this via the import engine as 127, even when exported to a .csv file. To compensate, you could set the "pad_zeros_postalcode" (or "pad_zeros_zip") setting to "5" - which would alter any imported data into that field to be at least 5 characters (if the data is not blank or empty) - filling to 5 characters with leading zeros. So in this example, 127 would be changed to 00127.

ListCountDefault The default number of records displayed for subentities (History, Activities, etc.) under an Entity (Contact, Group, Etc) to the number shown. If the template (history.html for example) includes a <#count value=x> tag, or if the parameter "count=x" is used in the <#showdetails tag, the value specified is used instead of the default. If the user custom setting parameter is set for ListCountDefault, it will override the site custom setting.

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