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User Start Page
User Start Page shows the function a user sees after they login.

If a function is specified in the Start Page field on the page at Admin...Site Settings...Misc settings, that setting will override the user Start Page setting as seen in Admin User Settings where you can easily set it so a user sees their task list each time they start up WiredContact Enterprise.

If no function is specified in either place, then the Contact Lookup is the default start function.

You can modify the options available in the dropdown list within the user admin area by editting the AdminTemplates\StartFunction.txt file.

The standard functions are listed in the default file. You can add static html pages by specifying the page name. The file must exist in the default wiredcontact folder. You may specify a specific WiredContact function by using the following format:

[display name]|||[wiredcontact function]

For example, to show the History lookup as the default page after login:

History Lookup|||wceweb.dll?function=lookup&etable=wce_history

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