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We can set this up for you.
There are two elements required for Optin Optout to function
1. Create a field to capture the value indicating a subscriber's preference, typically the field is called simply "Hold" is set to VARCHAR and is three digits in length and we place a "Y" once selected
2. Set the field you want to use within Site Settings | Table defaults | where you will see optin/ optout 
There are two files provided for your convenience within WiredContact they are
BroadcastEmailFooter.txt which is located in the "Include" folder where it shipped as _BroadcastEmailFooter.txt
edit this to have your text and then remove the preceding underscore
The file produces a footer to explain which email address the email was sent to.
If the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link they are taken to a branded page to confirm their selection
Within the file you will see the tag which you can use within other templates to allow a person to unsubscribe.Here is an example tag:  <#optout text="Click to Unsubscribe" value=Y>

This would produce a link back to your WiredContact site that would update the recipients Email Opt In/Out Field to "Y". 

You can use this URL anywhere to produce the same results, replacing the &eid=[value] with &eid=<#field field=uniqueid>, which would add the uniqueid of the contact that you were sending to.

For example if the email was to allow users to Opt out of multiple campaigns the fields below could work although the end result would be clumsy so a landing page within a Portal would be a better solution where users simply update their preferences.
&eid=<#field Golfhold=uniqueid>,
&eid=<#field Tennishold=uniqueid>,
&eid=<#field Investmenthold=uniqueid>,
&eid=<#field Phonehold=uniqueid>,

Parameter List for <#optout>:

  • Value=[value] - where [value] is the value you want to update the field with.
  • Text=[value] - where [value] is the what to show in the link. You may use an <IMG... tag here.
  • Page=[value] - where [value] is the template in the root WiredContact folder that is displayed when the link is clicked.
  • Field=[value] - where [value] is an integer between 1 and 5. Field 1 corresponds to the 1st OptInOut field, Field 5 corresponds to the 5th one. In the raw URL, the field parameter is shown as "&x=3" for example.
Notes about the template landing page:
The default template is EmailOptInOut.html. This is in the root folder of your WiredContact installation.  

You will need to customise this template to give the recipient a satisfying landing page possibly with your branded imagery

You may change the appearance of the template based on the value that you set the field to with the <#message sections. Each section has a beginning tag (<#message) and an ending tag (<#/message). The value that you set the field to immediately follows the word "message" in both the beginning and ending tags. For example, if you set the value of the field to "Yes" - then your <#message section would look like:
Yes Message text here...We are so sorry to see you go, would you like to Opt back in ? click then leads them to another message and they are opted in.

No Message text here...

The only message that will show will be the section that matches the field value in the url that was clicked on. This means you can use the same code for the company with multiple branded landing pages.
Opt In/Out for Email
You will want to have a tick box for the unsubscribe email field "Hold" on the contact.html layout so you can see at a glance who has opted in or out of various mailings

External URL path will need to be set in Admin | Site Settings | Misc Settings | Path file settings 
this will typically be the location of your database as you would view it in a browser hence
If you want us to set this up for you there is a one off fee of £60 plus VAT please send a request to support@wiredcontact.co.uk

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