Task Lists

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The Task list view is a cumulative view of all tasks within your database for the selected date range.
The View can be customised to contain your own fields, and to work in the way you want the task list to function such as to be sorted by records at a set stage in your work Process
To create a task such as a call or a meeting or a task that needs to be completed by someone it is best to go to the contact and select the icon from the top toolbar.
Each icon opens the same panel with the preset default of Call Meeting or Todo each of which can be customised to your preference. Having selected a "Service call" in the example below there are a number of "Regarding" subjects that all relate to service calls. Your system can be tailored to suit.
Activities can be automatically emailed to those who need to carry out the task
More information is available in the PDF document below.
User guide for tasks / task lists. Training Course 102 - Task List.pdf

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