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Here is a list of things you can do to improve the delivery rate for emails you send, the management of emails you send is within your control we cannot influence it. Our Mailservers are not provided for the purpose of SPAM. If like most companies you have your own domain name then you will want to provide an SMTP account that will allow a controlled relay from the subdomain where you run your WiredContact from.


1. Personalize the newsletter body and subject line, this way any mail servers will see different emails and not load the same content repeatedly.

2. Make sure your domain has an SPF record.  You can create an SPF record on this site SPFv1 allows the owner of a domain to specify their mail sending policy, e.g. which mail servers they use to send mail from their domain. We have no control over this, you may want to add your WiredContact IP address to the SPF record. 


The technology requires two sides to play together: (1) the domain owner publishes this information in an SPF record in the domain's DNS zone, and when someone else's mail server receives a message claiming to come from that domain, then (2) the receiving server can check whether the message complies with the domain's stated policy. If, e.g., the message comes from an unknown server, it can be considered a fake.

3. Have a domain key signature
It's upto you but there is an argument that says a Domain Key signature can improve delivery prospects.

4. Check if your domain and/or mail (or host) server IP are black-listed, you can also ensure your mailserver has it's own dedicated IP address is not shared with other domains.. 

5. Use simple html design. Avoid complicated designs that include JavaScript, Forms, Flash etc. Avoid sending large files these will get blocked. If you want a 1,000 people to have access to a PDF document place it on your website and have a link to the document in your email.

6. Avoid spam-related words in your content such as "v-i-a-g-r-a" "Free offer" "Sales" or sales terms such as "Do you" "we can" or similar.

7. Send in batches avoid sending 1,000 or higher at a time.


8. Send multipart newsletters if you are using the campaign Manager see then you have an option at the bottom of the template that says Alternative text newsletter: You will need to create a plain text template to be sent at the same time as the HTML template 

9. Send complete newsletters. E.g. Not a newsletter that it only has a picture in it.

10. Use a consistent <From-email> address so that recipients can add you to the trusted list.

11. Remove email accounts that bounce and keep your list clean.

12. Respect opt-outs. Don’t send again to those who opted out.

13. Examine the bounces you receive when they say that your newsletter was rejected as spam.

Many times you can find valuable information which also points to a corrective course of action.

14. Have a "reverse DNS lookup" for your domain.

15. Do all the above consistently. 


Your host (or mail server administrator) can help you with some of these issues.

Improvement in your views and clicks rates over time is an indicator of applying good practices.


A simple and nice way to improve your views/clicks rates quickly is to start a newsletter with something like:

“Can’t see images? Click here”

“Problems reading this? click here”

What you will actually do is to insert the Newsletter Manager Pro special link “Read this newsletter in your browser” (smart links editor button).


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