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To set up Teams In WiredContact Enterprise

Teams are based upon the content of the Managing Team field. The administrator can determine which field this is as needed. Multiple Managing team fields can be used and wild cards i.e. Contains can also be used as will be seen later.

1.    Select the managing team field

a.    Go to admin | Site Settings | Table defaults and select the table you want to control the restriction, in this example we used the Contact table and selected a field called “mailer ref” by selecting the + symbol on the right of the field we are able to elect “Strict” this means the user to whom we apply this restriction will ONLY SEE Records that contain the detail we are about to enter within the “mailer ref” field. Not selecting the “Strict” option would then allow the user access to the records that comply AND records where the user was the record manager

Having made the changes press “Save”

Remain in the admin area and go to the “User table”, select the user and select the “Team Memberships” option on the top right hand side. Press the + sign and enter the content of the “mailer ref” field EXACTLY as it appears, do not allow spaces at either end. In the example here we have said this user can access “mailer ref” equals records with AAM PI SEMINARS OCT 09 in the field, if we wanted the user to be able to see contains seminars then entering *seminars would have given access to more records that contain the word seminars

You can add can have multiple fields to be used as team memberships however then when you are adding a user to the additional teams you should prefix each team name with an * for example if John belogs to mailerref and mailerreturn them mailer return would be entered as *mailerreturn

Now you need to apply the table restriction to the selected user

Each of the areas above that are circled are important to make the restriction apply

The administrator who wants to grant access to a user simply needs to add the content of the “mailer ref” field to the “Team Memberships” as shown above. A user may belong to more than one team.

Using “Layout-Test” you can provide separate layouts per user so that your administrator can see more fields than those who are under the restriction.


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