Design and Maintenance and operational considerations

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There is no better investment than training delivered to your key staff on how to manage and maintain the investment you have made in WiredContact Enterprise.

Your WiredContact Enterprise installation can be designed to support your Company work flow, Your layouts are essential part of the process as each department or person you work with may need something slightly different. WiredContact Enterprise can look and feel differently to all users so they can all operate at maximum efficiency. 

Thinking about the workflow for new business this may be of value.

  • New enquiries are entered into the system perhaps via the "contact us" page on your website or a call centre or a member of staff who may or may not have full access to your database
  • The Record is could automatically be identified as a potential sales opportunity and passed to the sales team to follow up
  • The Sales team may (if you prefer) only be able to see and edit the sales opportunities and those prospects yet to become Clients. The layout assigned to them ensures they capture what you need to close the sale
  • The sales process screens can be customised to support your products and services to ensure the time frames are reduced from enquiry to closure
  • Once the sale is closed the record could become available to "Customer service" and then becomes "read-only" to the "Sales Team".
  • Those responsible for support can now see and edit the record though may require more information on their layout than was available on the Sales or Admin layout.
Letter templates and libraries can alter based upon the team the operator belongs to.

Located on the server your library is simply a resource of documents and other items you may want to send to those you trade with. You may want Directors to share different libraries in addition to the general libraries available to Sales and Marketing.

Email Templates
Arranged as simple folders on the server these templates are edited with Notepad, as such you may want to consider having a folder per department or a folder per process.

  • Administration
    • Initial documentation
    • Internal paperwork
    • Business Administration
    • Standing orders
  • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Automated templates
    • New Client campaigns
  • Service
    • Welcome pack
    • Operational templates
  • Support
    • New issues
    • Closed issues
Email Templates are edited in Notepad, allow at least one hours training per administrator who could be given access to the templates directly or who gain access to the templates through the WCE browser.

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