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Restricting access of certain users with security profiles from within WiredContact Enterprise.

Access to contact information can be granted or denied for users based "Profiles" and Team memberships, these are simple to setup and if used creatively can support workflow and best practice so that all users can see only the data they need.  Using "Security Profiles" also means the same contact layout for example could appear different to people in other departments.

Here is how to create a "Security Profile"
see also the article dedicated to Creating Teams

  1. Open WiredContact Contact Enterprise and navigate to "Site Settings".
    • Toward the bottom you will see "Security Profiles" select "New Profile" give it a name without spaces and a description that will mean something to your company later on. Now select the table that you want to apply the restriction to usually the "contact table" and save the restriction by clicking on the red disk.
    • Now you will see a complete list of every field in the table and by clicking on "Full Access" you change it to "read only" or "Deny Access". Selecting Deny will cause the field to become invisible to a person who is a member of the team or who has the profile applied to them.
    • Once you are happy with the profile you need to apply it to a user. Go to the "User Settings" area of the admin panel and select the user.
    •     At the bottom of this panel you will see the various tables the user has access to, with each table you can select different permissions of you can "Add" a profile, select Add"When you click the dropdown menu next to this option, it says "Press Test To Load".  Click the test button above the options in the Configuration Tool to load this dropdown field.
    • Select the field that will be the basis for user restrictions and Tab out of the field to activate your selection. 
  2. If Security is of concern then you may also want to have a look at "Managing Teams" Teams can work within Companies and with each team you can apply additional restrictions, teams and restrictions can be overridden by the content of fields, for example if

    ID/Status = Prospect then telesales can see it
    ID/Status = Warm then telesales see it as Read only and Sales team see it for the 1st time
    ID/Status = Client Telesales cannot see it and Sales see it as Read only however the record manager can add notes, create opportunities and edit all fields except financial and contractual fields. Line manager could be given access to these fields.

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