How to create labels from WiredContact using MS Word

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You can produce labels from within WiredContact. 

Should you want to use MS Word to generate the labels this is possible by using the Contact Reports Wizard you can export a block of data (a lookup) and save it into a text/csv file.

Open the Reports page then select the Wizard option, at the top of the panel is a drop down list of layouts, the bottom item on here will say *Export* if you are on the latest version of WiredContact Enterprise. from here you can select any of the fields in the Contact table and export them to CSV.

Once the data has been saved in this format you can open it in Excel and use Microsoft Word’s mail merge feature to create labels for printing. The process is quick and simple to follow. Be aware that some menu items may be different depending upon your version of MS Word. We do not support MS Word.


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