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Delete a record or a Lookup

Deleting records or lookups can be dangerous, for this reason the ability to delete is given to specific users by your WiredContact administrator, this is done in the admin area that can be accessed from the WiredContact interface by clicking on the word "Admin" seen on the lower left hand corner of your screen. If this is not visible ask your administrator to enable it.

To give the permission to a user go to Admin | User Settings | select the users record then go to User Options and place a tick in Delete Lookups.

Permissions can also be granted to delete on a table which is in the same area, you select the table you are interested in and then grant to permissions to the table on a per user basis or you can grant the permission to a "Team" and then assign the person to a "Team"

When on a record you can delete you will see a little red - sign next to the item, you will be asked if you want to delete the record prior to it's removal.

There is an audit trail that can be enabled to show which records were deleted and by whom.

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