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Avery Labels or any other brand of labels

Internet Explorer, firefox, safari, opera etc are all different in the way they present data on screen. Personal preferences are many and varied therefore we provide guidance and the facility to manage your label production in a manner that will work for most people.

If you notice you are getting strange outputs from your printer remember this can change from one printer to another and could templates to cut off contacts between pages or for the labels to slowly creep up the page when printing multiple pages.

To fix this issue open the your browser print dialogue settings and select Page Setup. Change the Left and Right margins as needed for example 0.25". Change the Top margin to 0.5" and the Bottom margin to 0.6".

Another option that works really well is to export the lookup to a text file and then use the text file with MS Word.

The advantage is that you get the feature set and label options provided by Word.


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