Missing Toolbar in Outlook

Root > 4. WCE-Outlook Integration
For Outlook Integration sales call the UK office on 020 8099 3032 or email admin@wiredcontact.co.uk
For Outlook Integration support email wco@crmbusinessapps.com   

Be sure to stop the Outlook task in task manager then restart Outlook and it will work again.

This is one of two Outlook Integrations solutions


Local version

Enterprise Version

Requires local installation

Nothing installed locally as an option

Requires login details for all users to be disclosed

25 User licence you control user details






- includes storage of attachments on emails - v3.0
- attach message as attachment - v4.0
- French language support - v5.0
- Search support for databases with more than 5000 contacts - v6.0
- Support MS Word as email editor - v6.7

Synchronise all of below

Microsoft® Outlook® 2002/2003/2007
® Outlook® 2000



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