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Convert from Groups to Collection tags

Groups is an old fashioned and inefficient way to manage or to profile contacts, this solution provides the ability to have a drop down with tick boxes.

First - setup the dropdown for a memo field - create a memo field (call it Groups if you want) in the wce_contact table.  Add a dropdown for that field (leave it blank - you just have to add/save) - then you can change the Type from Std. to Database.  Once it's on database - click the Add/Mod link again - specify wce_groups as the table, specify GroupName as the Field.
Then on the contact page, add the field as an <#input with options=mc. 
Then - follow the collection examples from the changelog:
  • Example <#Collection tag: if on the contact, you wanted to show all groups where the group name was in the list of groups shown in the user1 field:
    <#Collection table=wce_groups field=groupname operator="in" value="<#field field=user1 format=urlencode>" image="images/tab_groups.gif border=0 page=Collection_wce_contact.html>
    Except you're using the groups field - so for the Contact navbar:
    <#Collection table=wce_groups field=groupname operator="in" value="<#field field=group format=urlencode>" image="images/tab_groups.gif border=0 page=Collection_wce_contact.html>
    and the Group navbar:
    <#Collection table=wce_contact field=group operator="contains" value="<#field field=group format=urlencode>" image="images/tab_contacts.gif border=0 page=Collection_wce_contact.html>
    Unless you're using the new tabs, then you don't need the images.

    Regional details are also available at http://www.wiredcontact.co.uk

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