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The Course content below is designed to be flexible and can all be done over the web using GoToMeeting. Many of our clients simply pick specific items as needed, don't feel you have to do certain modules if you don't need or want to, equally if you want to go into depth on a specific topic do let us know, we have been doing this for so long it's not a problem, we want to help you. We charge for our time so please ensure you have permission from those paying the bills.

For further information or to schedule a web meeting, please email support@wiredcontact.co.uk

The Basics
User Requirements: Enthusiasm

Local Internet Explorer Configuration to ensure the system remains responsive.
Logging in and your options i.e. what a user initially sees which could be a bespoke layout or their task list if in sales, a Calendar, a lookup panel - you choose
Creating new Contact records and amending existing records, creating tasks for yourself and others.
Using WiredContact in the workplace and examples of how workflow can increase productivity, ask about Teams and Profiles
Using Queries to find what you want.

Creating Email Templates in plain text and HTML, with and without attachments and making choices in regard to the use of departmental stationary.
Sending an Emails to individuals and to lookups.
Sending Mass Emails on behalf of another so they get the replies, allowing someone to opt out of a mailing list.

Creating Letter Templates and making choices in regard to the use of departmental stationary.
How to Mail Merge to one or more records.

User Requirements: knowledge of Company objectives and working practices
Working With Groups and the better alternatives
Using hyper links to collate related records, using Collection groups on tabs to display related records

User permissions and how they apply to individuals and groups of users.
Enable individual users to be able to
Edit and replace (mass update of records)
Enable Lookup all (off by default)
Mass Email (off by default)
Add to Library (off by default)
Modify Field drops downs without granting admin rights (off by default)
Allow email tracking (campaign Manager optional extra)
Delete Lookups (off by default)
Delete from Library (off by default)
Allow database imports without granting admin rights (off by default)

Creative use of permissions
Settings permissions in regard to :-
Setup a team with specific permissions or restrictions
Grant different permissions based upon record manager
How to setup Profiles
Field Level permissions based upon Profiles of users and how they work to your advantage.
Departmental Layouts keep everyone focused.
Record type layouts show specific layouts based upon field content.
User specific layouts so Admin see more than accounts.
Combinations of all the above

Advanced (requires HTML skills)
How to create new fields and modify layouts
Formatting of field types and understanding the options for specifying types of fields such as required, Radio, multi drop down and select only
Adding Layout Tabs and creating collections groups

User Requirements: HTML knowledge
Editing and Designing Reports
Setting and understanding ADVANCED user preferences
Creating Advanced Queries and distributing them within the Company
Deleting Query Files
Dealing with Duplicates
Deleting Records and who does it
Drop-downs and how to control them or pass on control to non administrators.

Where to find prospects
How to import and update existing records
How to create new records
How to edit templates so recipients can update their own details (requires a setup for your installation first)


Integration with other applications
Campaign Manager to track who opens and clicks on emails
Sage Accounts
Outlook integration with WiredContact Enterprise
Post office address file to quickly enter compliant records.

Any Other items you may want to add.

If users select what they want to cover then we can do a web meeting to give everyone exactly what they want in the shortest time frame. Effective use of time could include 15 minutes per subject for different groups of users.

Other users may require Intermediate items covered in which you don't want the wrong people wasting their time
if your other staff can take on these skills and share it internally at a later date.

Creative use of permissions for will ensure better workflow and increased output from everyone. If additional integration
is required for other applications then it may help to have someone from your IT team available especially if they have
knowledge of SQL and HTML.

Whatever happens we suggest you keep the time down to no more than 1 hour for any attendee at a time so they
retain as much as possible.
A user guide is located at https://wiredcontact.co.uk/Manual/

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