Report Wizard Not Displaying

Root > 1. WiredContact Enterprise


Report Wizards Not Displaying

If you browse to Reports page and the report wizard icons are no longer visible it means that either-

  • You do not have permissions from the administrator
    • You will need open the Admin icon in the left hand toolbar (or on the server if not enabled for local visibility) and select the User Settings menu item and select the relevant user. Next give access to reports for whichever tables you want the user to see.
    •  There are four levels, clicking on None will reveal the other options. 
      • None
      • Wizards Only
      • Static
      • Full
    • Save the selection once happy to proceed by clicking on the red disk to save
  • The WiredContact Service has been stopped on the server
    • On the server where WiredContact is installed Right click My Computer and select Manage. Expand Services and Applications. Highlight Services. On the right, find the WiredContact Service and select Start.

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