Mass Emailing with Secondary Email Address

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Mass Emailing with Secondary Email Address

WiredContact Enterprise gives you the ability to send mass emails from non-primary email addresses. This allows one user to have a multitude of email addresses for different purposes, and be able to send a mass email from each (instead of just their primary email address).

In WCE, the <#EMAIL tag is used to open the email dialogue. Whatever field is designated in the <#EMAIL tag will be the user's email address. For instance-

<#EMAIL field="email" alt="Main Email">

<#EMAIL field="personal" alt="Personal Email">

This code would create two links that would open up the email dialogue. One from the Email field and the other from the Personal field. It is important to use the alt= parameter to allow the users to differentiate between the email links.

Note: If you have multiple secondary contacts each with email designated fields this will not send a personalised Email to each secondary contact

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