Changing The Default Location of Letter Templates

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Changing The Default Location of Letter Templates

You may wish to change the default location of the WiredContact "LetterTemplates" folder on the server. The primary reasons for doing this would be:

       1). When a user creates a letter template, it will be easy for that user to share their template in a common area with the other WiredContact users.

       2).When updates to WiredContact are made, the default templates that ship with the software will no longer re-appear in the new folders that are created.

If you wish for your end user to share templates, you would create a subfolder within the main Libarary folder. An example would be C:\Inetpub\WiredX3\Library\Public Letter Templates. If you do not wish share letter templates then create a new subfolder in the WC root folder. An example would be C:\Inetpub\WiredX3\New Letter Templates.

The location of the “LetterTemplates” folder is determined by the ExploreLetters.html file.
This can be edited without server access by going into the Admin area (you may need this turned on by your administrator) then go to Site Settings | Troubleshooting | Templates where you can edit any of the html files. 

  • Edit ExploreLetters.html using Notepad. Identify the HTML tag toward the top of the page that reads as follows:
    <#directories mask="*.htm*" dir=LetterTemplates vdir=LetterTemplates>
    • dir=LetterTemplates represents the relative location of the letter templates folder in the WiredX3 root folder.
    • vdir=LetterTemplates represents the name of the virtual directory in IIS.
    • mask="*.htm*" tells WiredContact which file extensions to display on the tab.
  • In order to share letter templates we will move the default location from C:InetpubWiredX3LetterTemplates to C:\Inetpub\WiredX3\Library\Public Letter Templates. Change the dir= parameter to match the new location. The resulting HTML tag will look like this:
    <#directories mask="*.htm*" dir="Library/Public Letter Templates" vdir=LetterTemplates>
  • After the changes have been made to ExploreLetters.html, save them. Now a sub-folder has been created in the Library called “Public Letter Templates”. Any public letter templates to be displayed on the “Letters” tab of a contact record will need be located in this new folder.

If you have existing sub-folders and templates that you would like to move from the old "LetterTemplates" folder to the new one, simply copy and paste these documents from one folder to the other.  The templates will then re-appear on the “Letters” tab for a contact record.

  • In addition, if a user would like to share letter templates that they created in WiredContact with other users, they can do so by moving the documents from their private library to the main library's "Public Letter Templates" folder.  The ability for a user to do this depends on their security settings in the WiredContact Configuration Utility.

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