How to Create Sequential Values

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How to Create Sequential Values

It is possible to create a sequential field in WiredContact. This field will increase by an increment of 1 every time the value is displayed or refreshed. This value is not tied to an actual database field. If this value is not copied into a contact field, then the value will not be saved and the next time the value is displayed the next higher number will appear. If you need the value saved to a database field, then see <#UNIQUE instead. <#SEQUENCE is useful for creating unique numbers on documents like invoices.

An example of <#SEQUENCE would be-

<#SEQUENCE ID="invoice" Start=15 Mask="#-#" Length=2>

ID= Name assigned to this particular sequence. Any alphanumeric name can be assigned. This is used to create multiple sequence values, for instance, one for invoices and one for quotes.

Start= Number assigned for the starting value. The default value is 1.

Mask=  Format for the created number.

Length= Number of digits to use. The default is 1. If a number less than 0 is selected, then a 15 digit number based on time/date will be used.

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