How to Change the Report Wizard Fields

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How to Change the Report Wizard Fields

You may add a <#SCOPEFIELDS tag to the <HEAD> of any of the report wizard HTML templates to modify the fields to be queried. This allows to to control the fields that users can use to report on.

The syntax for using <#SCOPEFIELDS is- <#SCOPEFIELDS rows=n function=a field=x field=y field=z>. Rows= is the amount of dropdowns to display, where n is the total number. Function= can be either remove, add, or only. Function=remove deletes the listed fields from the dropdown list. Function=add adds fields not currently listed in the dropdown. And function=only deletes all fields except those listed. Field=x,y,z is the filed number associated with the ACT! field. 


<#SCOPEFIELDS rows=20 function=remove field=6> will display 20 dropdowns where the Record Manager field has been removed.

<#SCOPEFIELDS rows=5 function=add field=1> will display five dropdowns where Unique ID has been added to the list.

<#SCOPEFIELDS rows=1 function=only field=34> will display one dropdown that only shows the ID/Status field.


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