How to Change the Query Fields

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How to Change the Query Fields

You are able to change the amount of fields that are listed on the Query page. The fields that may be queried may also be modified. To do so, edit Query.html and modify the <#QUERYFIELDS tag.

NOTE: The Classic version of WiredContact does not contain a Query.html. Instead, add the <#QUERYFIELDS> tag to the <HEAD> of Lookup.html.

<#queryfields field=x field=y field=z rows=5> where x, y, and z are field numbers of contact fields that you want to display. Specify as many fields as you wish to display in each dropdown. Rows indicates the number of  query dropdowns presented.

You may also use the following  parameters: function=add or function=remove or function=only When using the field=x field=y field=z parameters, the function= parameter will determine how the fields are handled. Function=add will add the fields specified to the list. Function=remove will remove the specified fields. And function=only will show only those fields.


<#QUERYFIELDS rows=20 function=remove field=6> will display 20 dropdowns where the Record Manager field has been removed.

<#QUERYFIELDS rows=5 function=add field=1> will display five dropdowns where Unique ID has been added to the list.

<#QUERYFIELDS rows=1 function=only field=34> will display one dropdown that only shows the ID/Status field.


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