Adding Images To Contacts

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Adding Images To Contacts

By adding the <#FILEUPLOAD and <#IMG functions to contact pages you can upload and display images on contact pages. This is useful for adding  contact specific photos, logos, and other pictures to your database. To add these functions, do the following-

  1. Edit NavBar.html.  Toward the bottom of the screen, there will be HTML tags that are commented out of the template.  The tags look like this:
      2. <td valign="top"><#FILEUPLOAD image="images/tab_upload.gif" alt="Upload Image" border="0"></td>

    1. Remove the <!--  at the beginning of the tag and the --> at the end of the tag.  This will cause a new tab called File Upload to appear at the bottom of contact records.
    2. This File Upload tab will contain a field (default is User Field 10) that can now be used to upload images.  The actual field that is used can be changed to another field by editing the FileUpload.html document. Multiple fields may be added.
    3. There will now be a Browse button next to the field you have decided to use.  Click this button to browse for an image on your local machine.  After you click the Save icon (flashing floppy disk) on the tab toolbar, the image will appear in the area next to the field.
    4. The location of the image can also be placed anywhere desired (such as the main contact view) by adding the following tag to the HTML template corresponding to the area that you would like the image to display: 

      • <#IMG FIELD=59>

    Regional details are also available at

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