How to Check For Duplicate Entries

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How to Check For Duplicate Entries

This article was superceeded by an enhanced solution on 27-6-2011 by the content in here is still accurate but the new article offers an alternative method you may prefer.

WiredContact can be modified to identify a duplicate contact upon entry of the contact by a user, or when a user modifies field information.

For WiredContact Enterprise Field names will be used in place of Field numbers.

This feature is added to the contact.html template.  The easiest way to activate this feature is to open contact.html with Notepad to add the tag below. 

<#DupCheck field=x field=y>

Add this tag in the <HEAD> of the contact.html where x and y are fields you want to use for duplicate checking.

Fields are only checked if they are not blank, but this can be modified. (see below - additional parameters #1)

By default, if the contact is a duplicate, the information added by the user will be lost, and they will be taken to the contact's record.

However, additional parameters can be used for duplicate checking:

  1. Use CheckBlanks=yes in the tag above if you want to use blank values in fields as part of your duplicate checking criteria.
  2. Use AnyMatch=yes in the tag above if you want any single field to signify a duplicate (like SSN and/or Student ID), otherwise it will be a combination of the fields that you specify. 
  3. Use OnUpdate=yes in the tag above if you want to use the duplicate checking process when saving changes for an existing contact in addition to adding new contacts.

Please find an example tag below:

<#DupCheck field=25 field=26 OnUpdate=yes CheckBlanks=yes>
<#DupCheck field=Company field=Contact OnUpdate=yes CheckBlanks=yes>

The tag above is checking the Company and Contactfields for duplicates both when updating a contact record and entering new contact information, and will also consider blank fields when looking for duplicates.

Regional details are also available at

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