Creating A Field Label With Website Hyperlink

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Creating A Field Label With Website Hyperlink

To launch a window to lookup a company website based on a field value, use <#URL in place of the typical <#LABEL for a field.

<#URL field=n label="value">
Displays the field information as a URL.

Field=n where n is the field number of the field to associate with the URL.
Label=value where value is the label to us for the hyperlink.  The default is URL.


<td class=ContactBoldText><#URL Label="Web Site" Field=website> </td>
<td class=ContactBoldText><#INPUT class=ContactBigTextField Field=website>

You can use this technique to link to various sources of information such as a link to search Google for the content of a field.

We have the code available for links to Driving Directions from your "My Record" to the customers "Contact Record"


Regional details are also available at

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