Narrow Lookup Function In WiredContact

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Narrow Lookup Function In WiredContact

WiredContact can be modified to enable the Narrow Lookup ability for end users performing a lookup in the database.  Use the following steps to add this checkbox to the Lookup view for users:

  1. Locate the Lookup.html template in the WiredContact install folder.  Edit the template with Notepad and find the <#LOOKUP tag.
  2. You can add NarrowLookup=Y and NarrowLookupLabel="Narrow Lookup" in the <#LOOKUPtag to activate.
  3. You can also place a checkbox elsewhere on the Lookup.html by adding the following tags in the desired location: <input type=checkbox value=Y name=narrowlookup>

An example tag with this feature enabled appears below:

<td><img src="images/tranpxl.gif" width="10" height="1"></td>
<td><#IFNOTREPORT VALUE="<span class=hdr>Lookup:</span></br>">
<#LOOKUP POPUP=TRUE POPUPSTART=6 DEPTH=10 FIELD8=35 FIELD9=33 lclass="LookupDropdownClass"
sclass="LookupDropdownClass" tclass="LookupTextFieldClass" orlookuplabel="<span class=text>Or Lookup</span>" narrowlookup=Y narrowlookuplabel="<span class=text>Narrow Lookup</span>" keywordsearchlabel="<span class=text>Keyword Search</span>" buttonlabel="Lookup Now" addimage="images/add.gif"></td>


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