How to Create a Custom Lookup

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Preset Static Lookups

You can create preset, static lookups on the Lookup page by using an anchor and making a function call directly to the WiredContact application. An example would be-

<a href="wceweb.dll?function=lookup&lookup1=IDStatus&search1=Active&dyn=y">

When the user hit the button a lookup would be created with all contacts where IDStatus is equal to Active. Use the following parameters for this custom lookup-


wceweb.dll?function=lookup Makes the call to the WiredContact application and states the function- lookup in this case.

lu1=n Where n= the  field number to be queried.

search1='string' Where string= the value to be queried for.

dyn=y Is needed at the end for the application to process the request.

You may create a lookup based on multiple fields by using additional lu and search parameters. For instance, to find all ID/Status=Customer and Company=Wired use-

<a href="wceweb.dll?function=lookup&lu1=Company&search1='Wired'&lu2=IDStatus&search2='customer'&dyn=y"><IMG src="button.gif"></a>

Regional details are also available at

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