Removing gaps in letter templates if address line is missing

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How to remove gaps in addresses when printing labels and letters if the database is missing the details

If a line of the address is missing on the record within WiredContact then having this in your templates will resolve the issue

<#EDITOR width=750 height=800>

<#FIELD Field=Company><#FIELD Field=Company notblank="<br>">
<#FIELD Field=Contact><#FIELD Field=Contact notblank="<br>">
<#FIELD Field=Address1><#FIELD Field=Address1 notblank="<br>">
<#FIELD Field=Address2>,
<#FIELD Field=Address3>
<#FIELD Field=Postcode>

Dear <#FIELD Field=Salutation>,

Another issues that can happen with certain browsers is a gap you insert within a template may disappear, entering a hard carriage return (hold down shift and press enter) can resolve this as can inserting two carriage returns in the template prior to saving.

On the template editor at the top you will see a symbol <> this lets you edit the html content of the template don't worry about this just try it and see how you get on. Once you see your letter or email template in html it will initially look unusual but you will be able to see your text and where you want the gap to appear simply enter <br> then save the template and you should have the result you wanted.

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