Add Lookup for Subentity Tables

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Add Lookup for Subentity Tables

You can add links that will allow you to lookup data from subentity tables. To do so you will need to edit Lookup.html and code a function. To add a lookup to the history table add the following, all on one line-

<a href=wceweb.dll?function=lookup&etable=wce_history&ptable=wce_contact&page=lookup_wce_history.html>Lookup History</a>

The parameters are as follows-

function=lookup tells the application to load the lookup parameters

etable= this is the subentity table to perform the lookup on

ptable= this is the parent entity table

page= loads the customized lookup page for this table, including the table's fields

Attached are examples of lookup pages for the sales and history tables and an example of the customized Lookup.html. In order to use the examples, unzip and copy the .gif files into your ../images folder. 

Regional details are also available at

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